About Me

I am Entreprenuer, Graduate in Computer Engineering and Passionate Programmer. I have done Diploma in Computer Technology in 2006 from Vartak College, and Got Bachelor's Degree from MU while pursuing it in Parshwanath College of Engineering.

I had a passion about doing something of my own, so always been trying luck around in doing something out of the box.


I born in small village in gujrat named "Vav" but broughtup in Mumbai with my family, I finished my school in 2003 till that everything was as usual, My father didnt had any hope for good percentage from me, he asked to get me in his factory during 3 months of free time, there I learned bruting diamonds, assorting them, helped me later in my journey as I had this basic knowledge about diamonds. I wanted to become a Civil Engineer, Yup you read it right Civil Engineer. That was my choice, But I got only 73% in my 10th so couldn't got admission in Diploma of Civil, In Vartak College I have been told that they will transfer admission to Civil later, you shall take CM (Computer Technology) branch, and after 2-3 month they will transfer me in civil, and this is how I got in computers and IT, I never got any transfer but then, I lost interest. Yup I was not at all interested in computers, I was doing time pass in our 'C' Programming lab and professor caught me, he said what am I doing?

I wasnt sure what to do, I never opened Turbo C before that day, I just knew they were using Turbo C, so I opened it and was in complete blunder, he asked me where is the program, so I said, I dont know how to do it, (it was 12th Practical and I said that). he was mad at me, but he was also supporting he explained me, and then got an extra attention from him in what I was doing in my "C" Programming class, Time by time in 2-3 weeks my interest in programming was getting more and more developed, I never knew I was made for this or destiny wanted me to do this. but thats how I got  in programming, it became passion, I could litterally compile program in my mind and predict the output to the complex algorithms, and puzzles, data structures then that continued. I finished my Diploma with Good percentages.

In 2006 I took admission in BE in Computers from Parshwanath College of Engineering, I got seat by Centralise allotment, and this was the game changer for my entrepreneurial journey, as I learned most beautiful lessons of my life, got inspired from Prof. Suryakant Toraskar & Prof. S.M. Kelkar, their passion and knowledge lead me to make my path to create something of my own, I met Hardik Patel in same college and we together started as company later after our graduation, this is how I travelled to this side of journey, there were many incidents and events but all cant be shared here, I will make them available in my blog later.



  • Avenger Endgame : Future of Avenger (Spoiler Alert)

    Avenger Endgame : Future of Avenger (Spoiler Alert)

    May be he knew all along, he also had time stone, so would have seen almost at least billions possibilities and found that this is the only way he can get his destiny fulfilled for at least once before his death, and he choose to remain on garden to die peacefully

  • Open Letter to Jeff Bezos of Amazon

    Open Letter to Jeff Bezos of Amazon

    You Sir have thrown a stone at beehive and its not cool thing to do, you came to india to do business, but we indian mind our own business and above that we mind our nation's pride

  • SSL Certificate for web, and You used CSR from Mac Now what?

    SSL Certificate for web, and You used CSR from Mac Now what?

    I wasn't sure to go in that way (re-issue of certificate is free but again it would take ample amount of time). So I decided to find Private key by which CSR was generated, and then, our very own Friend Google came to help.

  • The Interview: Clearly shows the real face of Badass America.

    The Interview: Clearly shows the real face of Badass America.

    USA is EVIL, which is my opinion why? just read further to know more.

  • PK: The Biasly - unbiased Movie and the Mature Judgement of Supreme Court

    PK: The Biasly - unbiased Movie and the Mature Judgement of Supreme Court

    I will not ask for opinion here whether it was made with intention of hurting particular religion or not, or it was biased or unbiased. leave this issues on one side and compare that from out of box. you cant compare one particular scenario, some will say its you are being stub born, some will name it hypocrisy and even some will name you communal too..