Making it happens vs. Letting it happen

When you are managing the project, and sometimes all the things you are directing are not working out as expected and all goes up side down, or sometime you dont have enough time to make sure if everything is going fine and things are not working out ..

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Making it happens vs. Letting it happen

Hello folks, straight to topic, how do you manage the projects? 
you make the plans, create timesheets, assign tasks and execute them and finalise the process and then finally deliver the project. when we say we have team of 25+ odd people working in team with management body taking decision and assigning the task and make things happen it may or may not be the productive everytime.

We are small team of 8-10 people working hard to achive something, 2 years back we planned the 2 games, hired 3 hard core developers one Designer invested money by taking loan from relatives, to make that thing happen, Art work was ready by first month, but something went wrong, developers aren't able to finish the job, or it was too fast for them? or just we couldn't manage the project like we decided as output was not coming, many things went wrong couple of them left the job after 3 months, we looked for some other developer to backup with existing developer and before we hire any, the last one also left without notice (it was like sinking sheep so everybody leaves except captain) our existing team (web development team) was there but whole game development team was gone, we left with one good designer

but what to do? we didnt have much left as we took loan, we have to repay that, and at same time we got one good resource who proven him self the worthy, but that time he was like white elephant for us, and we couldnt find work for him, we managed to explain him our condition and he was kind enough to understand our position and also helped us by learning Web design and commercial designing.

We tried to make things happen but it didn't worked out well, sometime you need live with the fact that, it wasn't your best time and may be your worst performance.
By the time we concentrated on getting more and more client projects, and make revenue out of it to sustain and also repay the loan we took, We got another chance 5 months back, we got couple of outstanding persons from internship, and one of them has built up our confidence back to make things happen, but side by side we had that debt and client projects on our head.

that we needed to concentrate as that was the only source of rolling the expenses, and if we move our concentration towards in-house development, it might be again the fiasco and we will be again pushed back by mile, we decided to not to let this opportunity goes away, I said let them do it and make it happen, I asked Mayur (The Designer) to take care for our game project, I gave him full liberty and also asked do whatever you want but I need this and I want you to make it happen, This time I let things happen, Mihir (The game developer) was also enthusiastic and also I have given him the full confidence that you can manage this game as its your own personal matter, he was passionate about games, and in this 4 months he almost finished with 2 games, one is ready to release state and one is in polishing/finalising phase.

This time I let things happen there were only input from ourside is critic, we didnt involved in development, design or logic, but when they present the project, we just suggest whats wrong or whats can be done better, our energy was retained and used in rolling the expenses and paying off the debt.

What I learn from this, that when you be the boss, its your responsibility to make sure everything happens perfectly and nothing goes wrong or gets delayed, but if you cant do this then find someone to do it for you, I trusted my designer with 100% of his caliber, I also built the trust in my developer, it was fortunate that positive effect of freedom and the importance as in their own project, they did exceptionally well.

That to make this two games they took only 4 months (last time 3 developers couldnt even deliver my proper prototype) just because I let things happen. It helped us to concentrate the existing operations and finally we have repaid the loan with interest and side by side our own 2 inhouse games are on verge of being published.

Very much the same, I didn't lost believe in making things happen, bcoz when its your Idea, no one can implement better then you, We have our upcoming product in development (iCatalogue) is solely my responsibility to make it happen, and I am commited to have it done.

Please share your views and experiences if you faced such dificulties and how did you managed to overcome it, I would like to hear it from you folks.

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