The Interview: Clearly shows the real face of Badass America.

North korea may be evil or not, but United States of America is Evil for Sure.

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The Interview: Clearly shows the real face of Badass America.
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Yesterday I watched the "The Interview", I would say there are lots of parody movies which are better then this movie, but thing is, this movie got attraction just because of using the real name of President of North Korea. And a terrible screenplay of assasinating him while having The Interview.
Nice concept but it doesnt suits well, Its more like that this movie is made as parody of americans, the real face of america has been exposed so silently, how they idemnify their rivals, or countries who dont follow their orders, or dont take decisions in their favour, but apart from that one fact, how does an average american thinks, I mean, they clearly showed how dumb they can be, its not obvious that why did they showed but I have view examples of fellow americans who did proved it right. Yup most of (Read Above Average) Americans are dumb and they need to accept that fact.

This video clearly shows how dumb the americans are. they are not like how they had been portrayed in movies, but this time in "The Interview" they just showed their natural sense and ability to think and respond.
Jokes apart now, I will come to real and serious matter, Since begining (like after world war 1) America has became to be a superior and self proclaimed leader of the world, and on other hand russia was also giving competetion, but it wasn't so much in action till world war 2, after world war II, it began, and we know that as cold war, We will go in more deep, In world war 2, there where two groups, one lead by Russia, Germany, Japan and Italy, and second with other countries. Japan conquered the whole Korea and it was in its control, till end of the world war, before USA nuked Japan.
Along with Nuking of Japan Word War II ended, and Korea was also became free, but then Russia has started to backing up Korea, which was a threat for USA's monopoly as result of that, USA also involved, and here the whole issue started, USA actually divided Korea in two parts and in 1950 a massive war happened within Korea, Because of USA who couldnot accept that Korea was going to be communist country like Russia, and who is biggest rival of America, they involved and made koreans kill each other.
So there is a hate in every north korean for america and americans, despite of dividing the Korea, america didn't took breath, they are deeply involved with making North Korea become unstable, and to make its puppet govt like they have in most of Gulf Country, if you see any leader from those country starts taking decisions which are not in american interests, you see revolution, leadership changes and they again place their puppet government, You can see the Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libiya, Egypt, where they cannot make revolutions by promoting the opposions they invaded them.
Whereever they are not be able to take control they put bann, like they did on North Korea, they are putting bans on korea for every year, making their exports industry weak, despite of that Nort Korea is braveheart that it survived for such a long period, they could have easily broked if people of north korea were encouraged for revolution but USA couldn't do that.
USA has very much control over world's economy because of the Dollor, (Which is not much strong, but due to forced transactions of Crude oil to be made in Dollor, and policy they follow, if any country tries to make transaction in other currency like EURO, which is much stronger the Dollor, they will either bring "REVOLUTION" in that country or just simply invade that country on name of saving world from terrorism.) using this power they force other countries to follow his orders and the country who doesnt listens to america, USA bans them with different policy, they dont want to sign on Nuclear disarmamen but they want every one else to sign on it, they want to keep profitable business running by selling weapons, but they want other countries to stop producing weapons.
You must have seen the recent price drop in crude oils, its just because of America's evil policy, nothing else, they also banned india in 1974   when India made Underground Nuke test in Pokhran, same time, USA and Russia made many such tests, but they banned INDIA just because they could not stand to fact that someone will get over them. By making bans they stops the growth of countries like they did on North Korea.
And they also find valid reasons for that, like they had one for invading the Iraq, that Saddam Hussain is having Biological weapons which were never found. I find it amazing that North Korea, managed to hack the Americal websites, and shown america their power, the fight back spirit.
Back to movie, they showed that North Korean President "Kim Jong-un" breaks down, well it seems america broke down completely and because of that they had to make such pathetic movie which is far worst then any parody movie, they tried for making parody of North Korea, and by mistake, they made their own. They showed the world How dumb peoples are ther in CIA (atleast in movie). North Korea Not be able to feed their people, Just look your self in mirror here is article about hunger problems in america, In 2012, 14.5 percent of households (17.6 million households, approximately one in seven), were food insecure. Yup this is America, Country of Selfish people (Not all of them but yea most of them are).
I appreciate the efforts of North Korean Hackers of showing Evil USA, what an ordinary people can do.
Note: This article is totally biased and I don't give a fuck. If you are puppet agent of american government please comment here to get your ass kicked.

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4.7/5 rating (3 votes)
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